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Conference Speakers 

Quick Links 

Click here to download the PowerPoint Disclosure Template
Click here to download ACLP PowerPoint Presentation Template
Click here to download CLP 2021 Zoom Backgrounds

Upload your presentation 

Speaker Upload Link

CLP 2021 submission rules require that speakers upload their presentations to the CLP 2021 program website in advance of the meeting. Speaker evaluations will, in part, be based on compliance with this rule. When you upload your presentation it will become available, in pdf format, for attendees to view.  

Schedule Video Recording
All speakers have been sent a link to sign up for a time slot to record your presentation and one of your speaker tasks is to confirm that you have done so. Please refer to the email from James Vrac with instructions and the appropriate link.  

Follow disclosure requirements
ALL speakers, authors, moderators, and discussants participating in CME activities are required to state whether any commercial or financial relationships might directly or indirectly relate to the subject of each presentation. Whether or not such a relationship exists, speakers, authors, moderators, and discussants are required to make this statement in writing before their presentation, as well as announcing it at the time of their presentation. 

Disclosure BEFORE the meeting 
All scientific sessions listed in the program have complied with the in-writing, pre-meeting disclosure requirement. However, if there has been, is, or will be any additional personnel involved in your presentation, we MUST have their disclosure statement for your presentation to qualify for CME credit. Please notify the ACLP executive office as soon as possible if you wish to add additional speakers to your presentation so we may arrange for disclosure reporting. 

Disclosure DURING your presentation 
The second slide of your presentation, immediately following your title slide, MUST be a disclaimer about any conflict of interest. If you are giving multiple presentations, the slide must be included in each. The disclosure reporting can be accomplished on a single slide. An ACLP disclosure reporting slide template can be downloaded from here to help you meet this requirement. The template provides sample text for nothing to disclose, and for when there is something to disclose. If you do not show one of these slides, either a member of the Standards & Ethics Subcommittee or your session moderator will interrupt your presentation to be sure you verbally disclose your status. Please help us avoid this 

Honor the deadlines 
Upload your PowerPoint slides (including the mandatory disclosure slide) and other reference materials/handouts and record your video by October 15. 

Show Tips