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Poster Presenters

This page contains information to help you plan your poster presentation for the meeting. By uploading your presentation, you agree that ACLP can publish this to our event website and/or meeting app for access and downloading by registered attendees.

Upload your poster here: Poster Presenter Task Page

  1. Planning your poster

    For upload purposes, your poster must be a PDF file at the highest resolution possible, of only one page. You should create your poster so that it maximizes the viewing screen, ideally, with an aspect ratio (ratio of width to height) of 16:9 landscape. You can easily find this configuration in PowerPoint by clicking Design > Slide Size. Fonts should be sans-serif (e.g., Arial, Calibri, etc.). Minimum font size should not be smaller than 6pt. There is a file size limit of 100MB.

  2. Present your poster

    You are invited to record an optional brief presentation of your poster on your task page. This will be recorded directly in the system after your poster is uploaded and will take the place of presenting your poster on-site. The audio presentation will be taken into consideration for the purposes of poster awards. You will have a maximum of 5 minutes recording time for your pitch.

    To record your audio: Click the image of your uploaded poster, then click the blue START RECORDING button to record. You may see a pop-up message when you click the button asking you for permission to access your microphone. When you speak into your microphone, the grey 'volume' bar will light up green if audio is being detected. The louder you speak, the more green you will see. If the bar does not turn green, then your microphone is not picking up any sound.   

  3. Upload your poster by the deadline

    If you wish your poster to be considered for the best poster awards, you must upload your final poster to ACLP’s online ePosters gallery no later than October 15. Posters uploaded after this date will not be included in the competition. If you are not entering your poster into the competition, upload it by October 31. Instructions on how to upload your poster are available on your speaker task page.

  4. Answer questions and discuss your poster with other attendees

    Questions and discussion will be activated for posters starting November 10. Please check back regularly to respond to questions and participate in the discussion of your poster. 

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