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ACLP Special Interest Group meetings

At each live meeting, ACLP Special Interest Groups (SIGs) host meetings to which all attendees are invited. This year, some of our SIGs are planning virtual meetings, which are open to all registrants of CLP 2021. You do not need to be a current subscriber, or an Academy member to participate. No prior registration is needed. All meetings will be using the Zoom platform. 
All participants are asked to please follow the etiquette rules listed lower down this page. 
All times are US East Coast 

Military & Veterans SIG 

Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG 

Community-Based CLP Physician Practice Issues SIG 

HIV/AIDS Psychiatry SIG 

Bioethics SIG 

Geriatric Psychiatry SIG 

Research SIG 

Psychological Considerations SIG 

Proactive C-L Psychiatry SIG 

Zoom Etiquette 

Check or update by clicking your profile link in the top right of the Zoom app start page, then Check for Updates. 
Please be courteous and take a moment to edit your profile so your real name displays in the Zoom view. It's not helpful to other participants if your name displays with a random Zoom code, like dfg5555, or nothing at all. This is more pronounced if you're not using video. If you're unsure how to do this, please see https://www.techjunkie.com/zoom-change-name/ 

Please join the call on mute and only unmute when you've something to say. You will be muted by the host if your connection is found to be contributing distracting noise to the meeting. 
If you wish to speak, please raise your hand in Zoom for the host's attention. To raise your hand, click on the Participants section at the bottom of your screen, then the small icon in the shape of a hand, labelled "Raise Hand". For a video on this, please see https://www.techjunkie.com/zoom-raise-hand/ 

Use the Chat feature to direct questions to specific people, or to everyone in the meeting. 
New versions of Zoom now include the ability to display up to 49 participants in the meeting. To enable this feature, open settings > Video and scroll down to the bottom. 

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